“Kuper’s report details the rampant antisemitism at just one school at just one North American university. Her observations are all the more shocking since they occurred at a medical school”

Shocking Anti-Semitism at Univ of Toronto Medical School
January 2023

…In the years before the Gaza war, Kuper reports that she overheard her colleagues complaining about “those Jews who think their Holocaust means they know something about oppression.” Yet, as Kuper noted, the 2021 war inaugurated a seminal change in the nature of anti-Semitism at UT’s medical school. This change was also common on many other college campuses across North America. Kuper notes that the Gaza war masked the growing anti-Semitism at UT’s medical school. The war allowed it to be reframed as “political activism against Israel.” Further, the staff argued that such activism falls under the rubric of academic freedom. READ MORE

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