“The Istanbul Convention is not only about the rights of women. It’s also about undermining host countries who make the mistake of opening their gates to hordes of refugees in the hope of one day sending them home”

Smotrich Saves Israel from Istanbul Convention Trojan Horse
David Israel
December 26, 2022

…On its face, the Istanbul Convention aims at preventing violence, offering victim protection, and ending the impunity of perpetrators. But seeing as the ancient city of Troy, the birthplace of the Trojan Horse, is only about 140 miles from Istanbul, one should beware of the gift-bearing Greeks, who currently reside in Brussels. If you care about the Jewish future of the Jewish State, you should familiarize yourself with articles 59, 60, and 61 of the Istanbul Convention. At the time, I couldn’t figure out what would be the upside of joining the convention, but the downside is devastating..READ MORE

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