“American historian Daniel Pipes recently visited Israel to meet with key people and also discuss his visions for Israel’s victory in its current conflict”

How can Israel win the Palestinian conflict? Historian explains
Seth Frantzman
January 7, 2023

Daniel Pipes: A just resolution of the conflict requires the Palestinians to lose hope. Only when they give up their war goal of eliminating Israel will the conflict come to an end. Israel must win, and the Palestinians must lose. This argument may come as a surprise because it precisely contradicts the premise of the Oslo Accords, which promoted not victory but a notion of Palestinian hope and compromise. It theorized that nice apartments, late-model cars, fine schools and excellent medical care would vest the Palestinians in prosperity, de-radicalize them, and make them true partners for peace. But, nearly 30 years on, all polling and endless anecdotal evidence indicate that most Palestinians retain the fantasy of eliminating the Jewish state. READ MORE

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