Alongside Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, Bibi warns terrorists ‘blood is on your hands,’ claims Islamic Jihad has been dealt harshest blow ever

Netanyahu says IDF ‘at height of battle,’ as resumed fighting sinks ceasefire bid
Carrie Keller-Lynn
May 10, 2023

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was not diminishing its offensive against Gaza-based terrorists Wednesday, pushing back against claims that a ceasefire brokered by Egypt was set to take effect. Netanyahu spoke as Israeli cities in southern Israel were pummeled by successive rounds of rocket fire, with some penetrating Israel’s missile defense system and damaging homes, though no serious injuries were reported. The salvos, which also targeted the Tel Aviv area, sparked Israeli reprisal attacks and Hebrew-language media reported that the resumption of fighting had made ceasefire efforts more distant. Speaking in a televised address, Netanyahu said Israel was still “at the height of the battle,” claiming that Israeli forces were dealing the Islamic Jihad terror group “the hardest blow” it had ever known. READ MORE

FDD Palestinian Rocket from Gaza Kills Israeli in Rehovot A rocket fired by terrorists in Gaza killed one Israeli and wounded several others on May 11 when it struck an apartment building in the city of Rehovot…The attack, which occurred shortly after 6 p.m. local time and yielded the first Israeli fatality of the conflict, comes in the wake of Israel’s killing of two senior Islamic Jihad commanders responsible for engineering rocket attacks against the Jewish state. 

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