Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad hide behind their own children, using them as human shields

Israel calls off Gaza strike after detecting Palestinian children
May 11, 2023

The Israel Defense Forces called off an airstrike on Palestinian Islamic Jihad assets in the Gaza Strip so as not to put at risk two children identified in the area at the last moment, the IDF revealed on Thursday. Hamas and PIJ have long been known to build and store terrorist infrastructure in, around and under schools, hospitals, mosques and other civilian sites in Gaza, to shield its assets from Israeli strikes and from which to launch missile attacks against Israeli population centers. In December, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency revealed the presence of a “man-made cavity” found beneath a school in Gaza. The structure, said UNRWA, “is a serious violation of the agency’s neutrality and a breach of international law. Moreover, it exposes children and agency staff to significant security and safety risks.” READ MORE

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