The contemporary Nakba narrative is a masterpiece of ahistorical distortion and antisemitic propaganda. It casts the events of 75 years ago as a monstrous crime successfully committed by Jews against Palestinians

The real origin of the Palestinians’ catastrophe
Jeff Jacoby
May 14, 2023

MAY 15 IS the anniversary of Israel’s birth in 1948. It is also the date on which Palestinians in recent years have commemorated their Nakba, or “catastrophe.” The events of 1948 were indeed catastrophic for the Arab refugees, perhaps as many as 700,000, who fled their homes to escape the war that raged after Israel proclaimed its independence. But the Nakba was self-inflicted. Contrary to the mythology promoted in many quarters today, the war that created the refugees was not launched by the infant Jewish state in order to drive the Arabs out. It was launched by the Arabs to smother that infant in its crib. READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM WATCH: 75 years of Nakba lies that define today’s Israeli-Palestinian conflict Brooke Goldstein, the executive director and founder of The Lawfare Project, which seeks to raise awareness about the abuse of Western legal systems and human rights law, explains why the narrative that casts Israel’s creation as a “catastrophe” for the Arabs is replete with falsehoods.

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