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Future lawyers who believe in free speech (but only when it doesn’t offend them)

NEW YORK TIMES We’re All Fascists Now by Bari Weiss March 7, 2018 Christina Hoff Sommers is a self-identified feminist and registered Democrat with a Ph.D. in philosophy and a wicked sense of humor. She is also a woman who … Continue reading

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An evening at UMass to explore “triggering” ends up “triggering” [ENTERTAINING VIDEO]

BREITBART Milo Mocks Student Protesters Who Claim His Presence Is a ‘Threat to Their Physical Safety’ at UMass by Tom Ciccotta April 26, 2016 …The topic of the event was political correctness. Amongst the panelists, the overarching theme was that … Continue reading

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Kirsten Powers: ‘Safe-space’ America dangerous to dissenters

Kirsten Powers [of the Left] is the author of the upcoming The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech USA TODAY by Kirsten Powers May 6, 2015 Christina Hoff Sommers has been speaking on college campuses for two decades challenging students to embrace … Continue reading

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