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Paris: “3 days of terror, many victims, 5 years of waiting, 4 months of trial … suffering, forgetting, other attacks, more deaths, and then, a feeling after being heard: justice, finally!”

ALGEMEINER French Court Convicts 14 Accomplices of Islamist Terrorists Behind 2015 Massacres at Magazine, Kosher Market in Paris by Ben Cohen December 16, 2020 The harrowing trial of 14 accomplices in the January 2015 Islamist terror attacks in Paris came … Continue reading

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“The conflict both US and Israel are engaged in is a war of ideas against nebulous transnational actors, a struggle that is not likely to be won decisively”

NEWSWEEK Six Days and the Forever War by Frank Sobchak, Colonel, US Army (ret) June 2, 2020 This June marks the 53rd anniversary of Israel’s lightning victory in the 1967 Six Day War, when the Israel Defense Forces defeated the … Continue reading

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“When politicians love or excuse Islamic terror, we should call it Islamophilia”

ALGEMEINER Barack Obama and the Denial of Islamic Terrorism by Michael Widlanski January 21, 2016 If Barack Obama is right, there is no Islamic terror wave today, just a few “incidents.” Likewise, progressive politicians in Germany, Britain, Sweden and other … Continue reading

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