The Son of Hamas vs The Sword of Islam

by Rabbi Daniel Bouskila
August 22, 2014

…..In the face of this ugly wave of radicalism and fundamentalism that is sweeping across the world, there stands one courageous person who is willing to act against it, and speak out against it. His name is Mosab Hassan Yousef, popularly known (by the title of his book) as the “Son of Hamas.” The oldest son and heir apparent to Hamas founding member and leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef, Mosab grew up with the radical Hamas ideology – in school, on the street, and at his dinner table. At the age of 17, he was arrested by Israel for illegal arms smuggling. While sitting in jail, he had a change of heart that would change the course of his life. He went from being a potential Hamas terrorist to an Israeli Shin Bet (Israel’s Secret Service) operative, becoming a double agent on behalf of Israel for ten years. Known by his code name “The Green Prince,” Mosab worked together with his Shin Bet “handler” Gonen Ben Yitzchak, and together they helped prevent dozens of planned suicide bombings and attacks against Israel.

Last night, I was privileged – together with my wife Peni, my daughter Shira and my son Ilan – to attend a private sneak preview screening of “The Green Prince,” the soon-to-be-released documentary [CLICK FOR TRAILER] that tells the intriguing, incredible and moving story of Mosab Hassan Yousef and Gonen Ben Yitzchak. Watching this film was a powerful experience, but none of us in the audience knew what special surprise awaited us. As the lights went on, the evening’s host announced, “Now, ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to our film’s two heroes, Mr. Mosab Hassan Yousef and Mr. Gonen Ben Yitzchak.” The surprised audience stood on their feet for a five minute standing ovation, as we greeted two of the most heroic people I have ever met in person. To learn of their story on film, and then see them together on stage, was inspirational, and filled our hearts with hope. Here were two men – one, a “Son of Hamas,” the other, an Israeli Secret Service agent – who shared a stage in camaraderie and friendship, bonded by ten years of intense undercover espionage work in the West Bank and Gaza. Their story seems like the stuff of thriller spy novels and espionage action films – but it’s all true, and I’m sure that they only revealed a tiny fraction of what they actually did. In fact, the film is less about their espionage activities alone, and more about how their espionage affected their lives, their relationship, and their perspective on what was happening in the Middle East.

I encourage you to look out for this film and see it as soon as it released. I also encourage you to read Mosab’s best-selling book “Son of Hamas.” There is much more to this incredible story than what I have written here, so make it a point to see the film and read the book…..READ MORE

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