Islamists only want one thing. We cannot appease them

by Charles Moore
July 3, 2015

David Cameron calls Isil an “existential threat” to the Western way of life. On the face of it, that seems ridiculous. How could a bunch of relatively poor, ill-armed fanatics and psychopaths conceivably topple what remains the most dominant civilisation since the Roman Empire? In physical terms, they can’t (yet). We in the West have much more money, many more weapons…and greatly superior technology. While Islamist fanatics can murder 30 British tourists on a North African beach, we can probably intercept enough of them here to keep their activities below a certain level. But consider the Tunisian effect. “Only” 38 people died, but each death spreads its stain. First, it traumatises the survivors, the victims’ families and even the nation – hence our minute’s silence yesterday. Next, it wounds the host country. The moderate, hospitable Muslim feels endangered; the extremist feels empowered. The entire tourist industry is hit; Western money disappears, Western links are weakened. READ MORE

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2 Responses to Islamists only want one thing. We cannot appease them

  1. hampshirehog says:

    Reblogged this on hampshire Hog and commented:
    Rampant far-right scaremongering. They only want one thing. And since they can’t be appeased they should be overthrown.


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