Ted Cruz, Donald Trump slam the Iran deal at D.C. rally

by Allahpundit
September 9, 2015

Watching the two of them speak on the same topic in succession, Cruz’s decision to invite Trump to the rally starts to make more sense. Sure, he did it to endear himself to Trump’s voters, expecting that he’ll inherit them once Trump’s support starts to fade. Sure, he wanted a big media megaphone for this Iran rally and knew that Trump is the only candidate out there who could guarantee they’d show up. But he also knew that he’d benefit from the contrast: See for yourself how much more knowledgeable Cruz seems about the subject than Trump. Trump’s speech is nothing but the usual boastful applause lines about how we’ll have the classiest, most luxurious military ever with him as president and that he’ll out-negotiate the ayatollah so terrifically that it’ll make your head spin. READ MORE

Ted Cruz Impassioned Speech at Stop the Iranian Deal Rally

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