Is there a difference between Third Intifada and Third Reich ?

Third Intifada or Third Reich?
by Dr Phyllis Chesler
October 8, 2015

Like the Polish Catholic priests in pre-World War II rural Poland, mullahs and imams have been whipping Muslims into a Jew-hating frenzy for a long, long time. And the comparison doesn’t end there. Polish journalist, Anna Bikont, has written a master work (The Crime and the Silence) about the infamous 1941 massacre of Jews in wartime Jedwabne—by their Polish Catholic neighbors, not by Nazi German soldiers. At least forty Catholic residents of Jedwabne beat, herded, and drove  anywhere from 200-340 of their Polish Jewish neighbors into a barn, locked the doors, and set the barn on fire. The Polish killers took over all the Jewish homes and shops, they moved right in…Every eyewitness was made to understand that anyone who “talked” would be killed. READ MORE

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