The New Israel Fund: A friendly-sounding Jewish organization that is ultimately a major force behind #BDS

Why NIF Supports a Boycott of Israel, and Why We Must Stop It
by Ronn Torossian, Hank Sheinkopf, and George Birnbaum
December 4, 2015

As difficult as it is to say, one of the most egregious forces working against Israel is an American Jewish organization — The New Israel Fund (NIF). The NIF is sophisticated, well-organized, and well-funded, and it is a leading funder of programs and groups that harm Israel. It misleads many people with its friendly name, humanitarian philanthropy, and clever marketing tactics. Technically, the New Israel Fund officially opposes the worldwide Boycott Divest Sanctions (BDS) movement. Yet it funds groups that encourage boycotts of all areas of Israel post-1967. The New Israel Fund claims that the post ’67 areas are not parts of Israel, and therefore this should not be considered a “boycott.” READ MORE

For additional background on The New Israel Fund, read NGO Monitor’s Analysis of New Israel Fund (NIF) Funding for Divisive Campaigns. Overview with Grant Recipients

Local Leaders of The New Israel Fund, click on ‘Regional Councils’


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