Brookings: Carly Fiorina is the only candidate who knows how to handle ISIS

In debate, Fiorina teaches the GOP a modern path to beat ISIS
by John Hudak
December 15, 2015

The Republican Party had two compelling debates Tuesday night. There was the primetime debate with everyone from Donald Trump to Marco Rubio to Ted Cruz. Preceding it was the “undercard” debate, where Lindsay Graham was a force of nature with three less popular Republican peers. The night—each debate—was dominated by one topic: the war against ISIS…Given the terror attacks in Paris and in San Bernadino, Americans are worried. Terrorism has spiked on the list of  issues important to Americans, and Republicans see the topic as an Obama and Clinton vulnerability. The discussion revealed something interesting about Republican candidates’ views about the war against radical terrorists: most candidates are not ready to lead. There were 13 candidates on the two stages tonight. One showed an understanding of what a modern war requires, particularly the fight against ISIS. That candidate was Carly Fiorina. READ MORE

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