January 20, 2017, US foreign policy will become one of the following: pacifist, internationalist, unilateralist or mercantilist

The four foreign policies
by Charles Krauthammer
March 31, 2016

After dozens of contests featuring cliffhangers, buzzer-beaters and a ton of flagrant fouls, we’re down to the Final Four: Sanders, Clinton, Cruz and Trump. (If Kasich pulls off a miracle, he’ll get his own column.) The world wants to know: What are their foreign policies? Herewith, four candidates and four schools: pacifist, internationalist, unilateralist and mercantilist…On Jan. 20, one of these four contenders will be sworn in as president. And one of these four approaches to the world will become the foreign policy of the United States. Don’t say you weren’t warned. READ MORE

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