EVENT for Congressman Bob Dold; Baehr on Dold and Durbin

May 23, 2016

Starting in 2006, the 10th district of Illinois has had five consecutive tight Congressional races, and this year will almost certainly be a 6th nail biter. Mark Kirk won close races in 2006 and 2008, and then when  he ran for the US Senate in 2010, Republican Bob Dold won the seat. Dold, like Kirk , and before him, John Porter, is a moderate Republican, whose policies are compatible with a  district in which there are more Democrats than Republicans and many independents, but a more centrist electorate in any case.  Democrat Brad Schneider won the seat in 2012, then Dold won it back in a rematch in 2014. This year the two will square off for a third time.  In Presidential election years, turnout is more favorable to a Democratic nominee than in midterm elections. This year, with both presidential nominees for President unpopular among a majority of all voters, turnout and voter preferences may be more unstable than normal. The 10th district race will be very expensive, since both Parties target it every cycle.

Dold has represented the district well, and deserves re-election. For the many on this list who live in the 10th district, Dold has from the start of his first term, been a stalwart supporter of a strong US Israel relationship, one of the best in Congress. The Iran nuclear deal vote was one in Congress where members could show their colors about what being pro-Israel means on an issue with real national security implications for both the United States and Israel. Bob Dold voted against the deal, the correct vote at the time, and even more evident now given Iran’s noxious post deal behavior. Other than Dan Lipinski, every Democrat from Illinois was a supporter of the President’s giveaway to the mullahs and Ben Rhodes spin and lies.

The worst of course was Dick Durbin, who climbed the backs of Jewish supporters  to get to the Senate, than abandoned Israel to make his President and the mullahs happy and led the Senate vote gathering effort for the nuclear deal. His behavior was shameful. The Iran vote is evidence that Democratic support for Israel is paper thin at this point, with few exceptions.

Note the Chicago event below which will enable you to meet Bob Dold and support his campaign.  At this time, it is particularly important that we support our real friends, who are always there, not the fair weather variety :

Congressman Bob Dold
Thursday, June 16th 2016
6:00 – 7:30 pm
Hubbard Inn
110 West Hubbard Street, Chicago
$250 to attend
$1,000 to host
$100 per individual under 30

With RSVPs and Questions,
Contact Sara Karlovics: 847.767.4232 sarakarlovics@gmail.com
or Kate Plonsker 847.345.1693 | kate@robertdoldforcongress.com

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