#ADL obsesses on #conservatives while giving free pass to anti-Semites on the #Left

Why Is the ADL Loud on Bannon and Silent on BDS?
by Deborah Jacobi
November 18, 2016

…And what of the Anti-Defamation League, which was quick to jump on the bandwagon and condemn Bannon? CEO Jonathan Greenblatt seems to selectively point fingers at questionable Republicans and refrains from commenting on anti-Israel and antisemitic rhetoric from moguls who are Democrats. George Soros was previously taken to task by former ADL director Abraham Foxman, yet is quietly ignored by Greenblatt….Can Greenblatt align himself with the Left and remain neutral? Especially when many in that group support BDS and other anti-Israel measures? Perhaps Greenblatt’s rush to judgment can be examined more closely to ensure the ADL is not becoming just another partisan political tool. READ MORE

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