Fleisher: “Just as the settlers refuse to be cut out of Israeli politics and the Israeli conversation” they’d also like a seat at the AIPAC table

AIPAC 2017 – 4th Pilgrimage Holiday
by Yishai Fleisher
April 11, 2017

Yet inside the convention AIPAC’s main argument for the legitimacy of the Jewish state was Israel’s amazing technology – no answer to the recurring claims of Jewish land theft. The peak of this watered-down defense of Israel came as Alan Dershowitz, one of the Israel’s and the Jewish people’s greatest advocates, came out and “sold” the giant AIPAC audience on Israeli technology that distills water from the air. Now, we are all very proud of Israel’s technological achievements, but we don’t need Dershowitz in that role. We need him out there fighting delegitimization, fighting anti-Israel lawfare, breaking up jihadist funding schemes, blocking Iran with sanctions, and of course, giving answers to American Jewish youth on campus. READ MORE

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