The DNC, exploiting the Holocaust, calls out Sean Spicer as anti-Semitic

Spicer’s Mistake and the Democrat’s Over-Reaction
by Alan Dershowitz
April 12, 2017

By placing Hitler and Trump in the same sentence, the DNC committed a mistake similar to that for which they justly criticized Spicer.  Moreover, the DNC itself, is co-chaired by a man who for many years did “stand for anti-Semitism” —  namely Keith Ellison who stood  by the notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, while denying that he was aware of Farrakhan’s very public Jew-hatred. It is the epitome of Chutzpah for the DNC to falsely accuse Spicer of standing by anti-Semitism while it is they who are co-chaired by a man who committed that sin. READ MORE

WASHINGTON TIMES Chris Matthews, who said same thing in 2013, defends Spicer’s Hitler remark

JNS Sean Spicer and the ‘anyone I don’t like is Hitler’ rule

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