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“Lots of normal Trump voters are frustrated with his presidency so far. But the partisan inanity of Trump’s left-wing critics makes it difficult not to run to his defense”

NATIONAL REVIEW The Post-Trumpism Presidency Begins by Jonah Goldberg April 15, 2017 …Take, for example, Sean Spicer’s “Not even Hitler” gaffe. I made fun of the guy, because the statement was so painfully dumb. (I like to imagine a homunculus … Continue reading

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The DNC, exploiting the Holocaust, calls out Sean Spicer as anti-Semitic

GATESTONE Spicer’s Mistake and the Democrat’s Over-Reaction by Alan Dershowitz April 12, 2017 …By placing Hitler and Trump in the same sentence, the DNC committed a mistake similar to that for which they justly criticized Spicer.  Moreover, the DNC itself, … Continue reading

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