Glick: “It’s hard to find any establishment types who aren’t completely committed to the delusion that the PLO is the answer to America’s prayers” [VIDEO]

The PLO’s most powerful lobbyists
by Caroline B. Glick
May 12, 2017

…The Taylor Force Act is a popular pro-Israel bill now being deliberated in Congress. If it passes, the US will be barred from transferring funds to the PLO-controlled Palestinian Authority so long as the PA pays salaries to convicted terrorists sitting in Israeli prisons and pays pensions to the families of terrorists killed while committing terrorist acts. The bill, named for Taylor Force, a former US military officer murdered by a Palestinian terrorists in Tel Aviv in 2015, enjoys majority support in both houses. Nonetheless, it has hit an iceberg. On Wednesday The Jerusalem Post reported that neither AIPAC nor the Israeli government support it. READ MORE

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