UK Election: “In the year and a half since Corbyn became Labour leader, controversies about anti-Semitism in the party, and his continued criticism of Israel’s policies, have dogged media coverage”

UK Jewish leader: Election result a ‘loss’ for community, and Israel
by Raoul Wootliff
June 9, 2017

Many in the UK Jewish community had hoped Thursday’s general election would be the last nail in the coffin for Jeremy Corbyn. A predicted resounding loss for the controversial Labour chairman, and his subsequent ousting, would end a period of perceived lingering anti-Semitism within the party and uncertainty over its attitude toward Israel, they anticipated….For the Jewish community and Israel, however, the result was unequivocally a “loss,” at least according to Jonathan Arkush, the lay leader of British Jews as the president of the Board of Deputies umbrella group. “If the governing party, which is a strong supporter of Israel, loses so much ground, then of course it has to be something of a loss for Israel and the Jewish community,” READ MORE

ALGEMEINER Jewish Vote in London Denies Corbyn Opportunity to Prevent Conservative-Led Government, Analyst Says

HEAT STREET Neo-Nazi Website Endorses UK Socialist Leader Jeremy Corbyn Because He’s ‘Seriously Anti-Jew’

TIMES OF ISRAEL A poll last week for the Jewish Chronicle had indicated that 77 per cent of British Jews planned to vote Conservative and only 13 per cent Labour

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