“People have every right to be angry about the government’s move…While wrong, it doesn’t justify the vitriol being leveled at the government by American Jewish leaders threatening to rethink their support for Israel”

Who Cares About Jewish Unity?
by Caroline B. Glick
June 29, 2017

There are four important aspects to the government’s decisions on Sunday relating to egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall and the conversion bill. The first is that by and large, the headlines of the stories distort rather than explain what the government decided. The second is the nature of the American Jewish community’s response to the government’s moves. The third important aspect of the story is what the government’s decisions tell us about how the government perceive Israel’s relations with the American Jewish community. Finally, the aftershocks of the decisions tell us something important about the prospects for Jewish unity today. READ MORE

ALGEMEINER Why Netanyahu Did It: The Brutal Truth on Israel and the Diaspora No prime minister would let his government fall in order to satisfy the Reform and Conservative movements in America

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