“For decades, the United Nations has spit in the face of the United States” [VIDEO]

Nikki Haley Nailed It: President Trump, Make the UN Pay
by Anne Bayefsky
December 21, 2017

The demonization of the Jewish state – modern antisemitism – has been one of many UN policy priorities totally antithetical to American values and interests. The General Assembly vote on December 21 condemning President Donald Trump’s implementation of American law recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel ought to be the last time America takes it lying down…The issue Thursday was not about Jerusalem. It was about Jew-hatred. The resolution is the General Assembly’s twenty-first resolution in 2017 slamming Israel for violating “rights” and “law.”  There was one resolution on North Korea. One on Iran. And one on the United States – criticizing U.S. Cuba policy. Altogether, there were nine resolutions critical of human rights records in specific states in the rest of the world combined. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL UN defies Trump, rejects US recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital by 128-9

WALL STREET JOURNAL Next Year in Jerusalem: The U.N. reveals the depth of its anti-U.S., anti-Israel politics

ALGEMEINER Israel and US Stand Firm as Denunciations of Jerusalem Recognition Ring Out at UN General Assembly Vote

CAMERA BLOG New York Times Advocates in Report on UN Jerusalem Vote: NYT shows again how utterly clueless they are on matters pertaining to Israel, the United Nations

CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper cites UNWatch statistics illustrating #UnitedNations stunning irrelevance and hypocrisy

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