“Instead of recognizing the fight against antisemitism as a human rights issue worthy of attention, Amnesty International has decided instead to ratchet up its targeting of the Jewish state”

Amnesty International Singling Out Jews in 2019
January 3, 2019

Leaked documents seen by NGO Monitor and an analysis of public statements from NGO officials indicate that Amnesty International will conduct a series of intense campaigns singling out Israel in early 2019. In this process, Amnesty will delegitimize Jewish historical connections to Jerusalem and elsewhere, as well as promote discriminatory boycotts (BDS) against Israel.  Amnesty’s 2019 attacks will include at least two components: 1. Amnesty’s Blacklist: A “new campaign targeting some of the businesses that are profiting from human rights abuses by operating in the illegal Israeli settlements.”  2. “Ban Israeli settlement goods”: A continuation of a campaign to press governments, in particular the UK, “to ban Israeli settlement goods from entering your markets…” READ MORE

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