“Rubio is alleging that some Senate Democrats oppose the anti-BDS legislation on substance because of the supposedly growing popularity of the boycott movement within the Democratic Party”

Anti-BDS Bill Battles Up Senate Hill
by Armin Rosen
January 7, 2019

…While there is disagreement on the Hill over the extent of internal Democratic opposition to the anti-BDS bill, sources from both parties confirmed to Tablet that it sparked internal disagreements when it came up for discussion at a meeting last Thursday. Republican Senator Marco Rubio tweeted this morning that “The shutdown is not the reason Senate Democrats don’t want to move to Middle East Security Bill. A huge argument broke out at Senate Dem meeting last week over BDS. A significant # of Senate Democrats now support #BDS & Dem leaders want to avoid a floor vote that reveals that.” READ MORE

FEDERALIST David Harsanyi Yes, Anti-Zionism Is The Same As Anti-Semitism What was once festering on the progressive fringes has found its way into elected offices and the heart of the liberal activist movement. As Democrats increasingly turn on Israel, Jewish liberals, many of whom have already purposely muddled Jewish values with progressive ones, are attempting to untether Israel from its central role in Jewish culture and faith for political expediency.

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