Some of what went down at RJC Vegas, both Trump and Pence speaking with barely an hour in between

RJC Vegas Highlights
April 8, 2019

Trump began his speech by saying “Shabbat Shalom” and was quickly interrupted by protestors from IfNotNow. After the protestors were escorted out, Trump said they’re “going back home to mommy… And will be reprimanded.” Trump’s speech made national headlines for his long digression on immigration and asylum, in saying that America is already “full.” He also referred to Benjamin Netanyahu as “your prime minister,” in discussion his historic recognition of the Golan Heights. In jest, he gave special thanks to “Representative Omar, oh, oh, oh, I forgot, she doesn’t like Israel, I forgot.”…Adelson’s appearance was rumored in the days before the RJC event, even though he’s reportedly undergoing treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in southern California. After taking his seat in the front row, he put on an RJC “Trump” yarmulke. READ MORE

POLITICO Pro-Trump Republicans plan big-money play for the Jewish vote in 2020 Republicans are planning a multimillion-dollar offensive aimed at fracturing the Democratic Party’s decades long stranglehold on the Jewish vote.

JEWISH PRESS IfNotNow: Disrupting Trump’s Pro-Jewish Speech Was ‘Living Out Our Values’ I would venture that the stunts performed by IfNotNow clowns in their campaign to push their anti-Israel agenda do more to push US Jews into the arms of the GOP than do a hundred presidential speeches. The rest of the “Jews go Republican” campaign is being successfully carried out by Muslim and pro-Muslim Democratic House members.

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