British Jews “overcome by the sense of deliverance from a great evil, some even wept”

British working class saves Britain … and its Jews
by Melanie Phillips
December 13, 2019

The relief was overwhelming. When the exit polls on Thursday evening correctly predicted a large majority for Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party, British Jews allowed themselves to breathe again. Overcome by the sense of deliverance from a great evil, some even wept. Immediately before the election, both Labour and Conservative Party hierarchies had been seized by the belief that Britain was heading for a hung parliament and a coalition led by Labour’s hard-left leader Jeremy Corbyn. And because of that, many British Jews were gripped by a deep sense of dread and panic. In the end, Labour was pulverized, and the Conservatives won by a majority of nearly 80 MPs—the biggest win since Margaret Thatcher’s third victory in 1987. READ MORE

DAILY WIRE Ocasio-Cortez Meddles In Foreign Election, Endorses Notorious Anti-Semite

TIMES OF ISRAEL Anti-Semitism and Brexit shatter Corbyn’s dreams of global far-left revolution Jeremy Corbyn had hoped to become the vanguard of a global socialist movement but will step down in humiliation after overseeing his party’s worst election defeat since 1935. To his supporters, the 70-year-old offered a chance to deliver a radical leftist agenda, shaking up the economy and reversing a decade of Conservative public spending cuts. His vision attracted droves of young supporters, celebrity backing and the endorsement of other figures of the global socialist movement, with high-profile US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sending a supportive tweet on polling day. 

PJ MEDIA Ex-London Mayor ‘Red Ken’ Livingstone Blames Labour’s Loss on the ‘Jewish Vote’ The former mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, said that Boris Johnson’s stunning victory at the polls on Thursday will be “the end” of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and blamed the left’s loss on an “unhelpful Jewish vote.”

THE FEDERALIST Fusion GPS Tries To Run Russian Collusion Hoax Redux Against Boris Johnson The founders of Fusion GPS, the Democrat-backed consulting firm behind the famously discredited Christopher Steele dossier at the heart of the Russia hoax, are blaming Russia for the liberal Labour Party’s loss in the U.K. elections Thursday. Seriously.

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