“ICC prosecutor Bensouda’s bid to probe Israel for war crimes is being met with intense hostility, including by reporters highlighting her past work for a brutal African dictator”

From The Gambia to The Hague: Meet Israel’s new public enemy number one
by Raphael Ahren
December 26, 2019

Israel has many detractors, real and imagined, but since Friday the country has a brand new public enemy number one: Fatou Bensouda, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Since announcing her intention to open an investigation into the “situation in Palestine” because she believes war crimes “have been or are being committed” there, the 58-year-old Gambia native has endured a massive wave of criticism. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly accused her of “pure anti-Semitism,” comparing the legalistic argumentation she put forward to the anti-Jewish decrees by the villains of the Hanukkah story. READ MORE

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