“There is no reason why anyone should give Ben Rhodes a megaphone to oppose current U.S. foreign policy toward Iran”

Noted liar Ben Rhodes touted as Iran expert by media
by Becket Adams
January 6, 2020

Either the press has a very, very short memory or it enjoys the abuse. These are the only explanations for why newsgroups are giving former Obama White House staffer and admitted liar Ben Rhodes a platform to discuss the United States’ long-overdue response to recent Iranian provocations…The Atlantic is not the only place where Rhodes, who is quite literally famous for lying to reporters, has resurfaced following the killing of Iranian Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani. In the three days since Soleimani’s death, Rhodes has appeared on both CNN and MSNBC to offer his uniquely dishonest brand of analysis. READ MORE

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