“Israel’s coalition government contemplates redrawing the country’s borders, with America’s blessing. Senior ex-diplomat Dore Gold gives the inside scoop on how and why the status quo may not last long”

Annexing the Jordan Valley
by Armin Rosen
May 14, 2020

… Another option would be to annex territory that prior talks haven’t succeeded in taking off the table, but whose strategic value might exceed the backlash risked by any change in the Israeli-Palestinian status quo. For annexation to make long-term sense, it would have to be territory whose permanent control is a demand shared across the Israeli political mainstream and which doesn’t have large Palestinian populations that have no desire to become Israeli. With obvious strategic significance, and a relatively small population that is more or less evenly divided between Jewish and Palestinian inhabitants, the Jordan Valley fits the bill on all counts. READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM Sarah Stern: Another approach to the Aristotelian Mean The Trump Plan envisions a Palestinian state and gives the Palestinians 70% of Judea and Samaria on which to create this state, giving only 30% to the Israelis, including the settlement blocs and the Jordan –Valley. This Plan departs radically from prior peace initiatives in that it would, in its words, “give the Palestinians the power to govern themselves, but not the power to threaten Israel.”

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