“The Jordan Valley has always been considered an area that must be under Israeli control in any permanent establishment of borders, because it is essential to Israel’s defense”

The Manufactured Outrage over “Annexation”
by Vic Rosenthal
May 21, 2020

…A few words about the reality behind the so-called “annexation.” To start with, nothing is being annexed. It is the reasonable position of the Israeli government that it is sovereign in Judea and Samaria according to international law; and you can’t annex something that already belongs to you. But wait, you say, virtually the entire world disagrees, as is pointed out ad nauseum by sources like the BBC and the NY Times. Unhappily for them and the Palestinians they empathize with, international law is neither a popularity contest nor subject to a majority vote in the UN General Assembly. It is quite possible that the Government of Israel is right and “virtually the entire world” is wrong. This isn’t an article about that, but if you are interested, here is a good one. READ MORE

JEWISH INSIDER Democratic senators release letter warning Israel against annexation Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and six other senators sign onto updated version after not joining the initial draft…Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), who did not sign on to the letter, told Jewish Insider earlier this month: “I don’t think it is helpful for us to sow dissension in the United States as it relates to the support for Israel.”

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