“Israel’s sovereignty over the Jordan Valley must be decoupled from the Trump plan”

Israel Should Apply Sovereignty — and Reject the Trump Peace Plan
by Benjamin Anthony and David Benger
July 1, 2020

Regardless of how far-reaching or limited, and immediate or gradual, the process may actually be, Israel should apply sovereignty over the Jordan Valley, but it must not do so under the framework of the Trump peace plan. That plan, if implemented, exacerbates all of Israel’s present security concerns and leaves it with no discernible advantages…The extension of Israeli sovereignty is a policy consonant with the principled, decades-long held view of Israeli leaders that Israel must retain security control over the Jordan Valley. READ MORE

JTA Rabbi Uri Pilichowski: I’m an Israeli settler. American Jews are debating my future, but here’s what they don’t understand. It’s been surreal watching from Israel as Americans discuss my future…I’ve also noticed that many of these panels don’t include any speakers who are Jewish settlers or Palestinian residents of the area, which made it feel like I was watching an all-male panel discuss women’s issues or three white people discuss Black Lives Matter. When I challenged one think tank about its 20-person panel that did not include a single Palestinian or Jewish settler, I was told that the discussions centered around security issues and a resident’s perspective wouldn’t be valuable.

The Miryam Institute debate on whether Israel should apply sovereignty to the Jordan Valley: “Israel Must Apply Sovereignty Over the Jordan Valley Now” For or Against ?


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