“Israel’s Arab neighbors have demonstrated that the Palestinian cause is not as high on their agenda as it appeared to be in the past”

The Future of Arab Normalization with Israel
by Alan Dershowitz
October 28, 2020

Now that the Sudan has joined the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in normalizing relations with Israel, the future seems bright for even more Arab countries to make peace with their former enemy. The big prize, of course, would be Saudi Arabia, and already we are hearing rumors from its leaders pointing in that direction. Even Lebanon, which currently houses Hezbollah, has dropped hints about possible peace overtures. The possibility does exist that before long, most of the Sunni Arab states will recognize that their interests lie in a peace process with Israel. They will see the economic, technological, diplomatic and military advantages in having Israel as an ally instead of an enemy. READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM Abbas is holding out for a Biden White House The PA hopes the US presidential election will bring an end to what it sees as four nightmarish years, but Ramallah would be better served by coming out of its defensive crouch and starting to progress towards reconciliation with Israel and America.

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