The Sheikh Jarrah story at the center of this “cycle of violence,” what the media isn’t telling you

The Truth about the Sheikh Jarrah Eviction
by Erielle Davidson
May 12, 2021

The east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah has become the latest flashpoint in the Arab–Israeli conflict, sparking the very tension that Hamas seeks to exploit for its own political advantage. Several Palestinian-Arab families living in Sheikh Jarrah face eviction from homes following a ruling from Jerusalem’s District Court. In anticipation of a Supreme Court hearing of an appeal of the ruling, Palestinian Arabs have rioted nightly in Sheikh Jarrah, joining violent Palestinian-Arab attacks related to the Ramadan holy month, and culminating in violent eruptions across the city, including at some of Jerusalem’s holiest sites. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Bassem Eid: This has nothing to do with Sheikh Jarrah It’s about Hamas seeing a chance to seize the narrative and increase its own influence and control over Palestinians in Jerusalem

AUSTRALIA ISRAEL LABOR DIALOGUE Some background to events in Jerusalem Dr Adam Carr: In 1875 some pious Jews bought some land in a semi-rural area just north of Jerusalem, which was then a small town largely consisting of the Old City and a few suburbs to the west. The land was the site of a tomb believed to be that of Shimon HaTzadik, a rabbi of the 3rd century BCE…The Ottoman land register showed that the property was registered in the names of rabbis Avraham Ashkenazi and Meir Auerbach. A small religious Jewish community lived there. Also in this area was the tomb of Hussam al-Din al-Jarrahi, physician to the Arab leader Salah ad-Din (Saladin). His tomb dates from 1202 and was a site of Muslim pilgrimage. The area was known as Sheikh Jarrah after him.

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