“Neutral application of property law becomes an international incident because a landlord is a Jew”

Almost Nothing You’ve Heard About Evictions in Jerusalem Is True
by Avi Bell and Eugene Kontorovich
May 14, 2021 3:10 pm ET

Hamas never needs a special occasion to bombard Israel with rockets. Yet the progressive narrative connects the terrorist group’s current onslaught to eviction proceedings in Israeli courts concerning a few properties in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren claim these are stark human-rights violations by the Israeli government, and illegal under international law. Even the State Department expressed “serious concern.” The truth about Sheikh Jarrah is the opposite. It is an ordinary property dispute between private parties. The Jewish claimants’ ownership of the few plots of land has been confirmed repeatedly in court, following laws that apply equally regardless of ethnicity. Israeli courts have gone out of their way to avoid evicting the Palestinian residents who haven’t paid rent for half a century. READ MORE

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON YouTube Removes Video of Legal Scholar Defending Israeli Airstrikes An Israeli legal scholar’s argument about the legality of Israeli airstrikes was temporarily removed from YouTube on Monday for violating unspecified “content guidelines.” Eugene Kontorovich, a professor at George Mason University, appeared on RT to explain why Israel’s counterstrikes in Gaza are protected by international law. YouTube removed a video of his appearance because it violated the company’s terms of service. It later reversed the decision and restored the video without an explanation for why the initial action was taken. 

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