Netanyahu presents new government’s agenda; Lapid: ‘Try not to destroy the country’

Netanyahu returns as PM, wins Knesset support for Israel’s most hardline government
Carrie Keller-Lynn
December 29, 2022

…According to coalition agreements signed between Likud and each of its five partner parties, as well as its published guiding principles, the incoming government will prioritize comprehensive judicial reform, including a commitment to pass a High Court override law designed to reduce judicial checks on executive and legislative power, expand settlement and consider West Bank annexation policy, combat the cost of living, and further centralize ultra-Orthodox control over state Jewish services. Speaking to the Knesset plenum before the vote of confidence, Netanyahu presented three top priorities for his new government: stopping Iran’s nuclear program, developing state infrastructure — with an emphasis on connecting the so-called periphery to the center of the country — and restoring internal security and governance. READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM Ahead of inauguration, Netanyahu announces final Likud ministerial posts Veteran Likudnik Israel Katz has been appointed to the highly prestigious position of foreign minister in rotation with Eli Cohen, a move that reportedly led to a fallout in the meeting with the incoming prime minister…Netanyahu was originally reported to want to nominate [Ron] Dermer for the position of foreign minister, but he is instead to receive the strategic affairs portfolio that would allow him to be a member of the Security Cabinet nevertheless. 

JERUSALEM POST Khaled Abu Toameh: Palestinians vow to confront ‘fascist’ new government Palestinian leaders from Fatah and Hamas called for unity and popular resistance against the incoming Israeli government.

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