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Trump’s negotiators buck the wisdom that led to decades of bipartisan failure (Washington’s talking heads got it wrong once again)

FREE BEACON The ‘Coffee Boy’ Makes Peace in the Middle East Editorial Board September 15, 2020 Avi Berkowitz’s elevation to a top negotiating position on President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace team was met with near-universal derision by so-called experts … Continue reading

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“The 30-year old Avi Berkowitz plainly lacks the heft Jason Greenblatt – though an international affairs novice, he was a veteran, seasoned attorney and negotiator – brought to the table”

JEWISH PRESS Enter Avi Berkowitz Editorial Board September 11, 2019 …It is no secret that while the Trump Administration is ready to go, the Palestinians have rejected the plan out of hand by virtue of the plan’s reputed abandonment of … Continue reading

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