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These seven men and one woman — Theodore Herzl, Chaim Weizmann, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Abba Eban, Louis Brandeis, Ben Hecht, Ron Dermer, and Golda Meir — are eagerly split between American and European origins, and they all play starring roles in the long-deferred return to Zion

AMERICAN GREATNESS The Triumph and Tragedy of Abba Eban Rick Richman March 11, 2023 …Eban’s speeches were a record of eloquence unequaled by any diplomat during that period. Conor Cruise O’Brien, representing Ireland in the U.N. (sitting next to Eban … Continue reading

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“The possibility of another contentious confirmation hearing recalls the first the Senate ever held, which just happened to be for the first Jewish justice to sit on the court”

MOSAIC MAGAZINE What the First Senate Hearing for a Supreme Court Nominee Shows about Today’s Confirmation Process by Rick Richman October 6, 2020 Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination, and the possibility of another contentious Senate confirmation hearing, evoke … Continue reading

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A War of Words (Some More Accurate Than Others) at Brandeis #StandwithMael

JEWISH PRESS by Lori Lowenthal Marcus December 29, 2014 There’s an ugly tempest brewing at Brandeis University and it’s based, at least in part, on free speech, tolerance and student safety. The storm grew out of a more generalized anger with … Continue reading

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