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“Yes, 2019, Warsaw, Poland, and the reality is returning”

ALGEMEINER Group of Israelis Said Brutally Attacked in Warsaw by Arab Men Shouting ‘Free Gaza’ by Benjamin Kerstein September 8, 2019 A group of Israelis were accosted and one severely beaten in Warsaw, Poland by a group of Arab men, … Continue reading

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“For the first time since the 1991 Madrid Conference, Arab nations sat down with Israel and announced cooperation on fighting Iran, making clear that the Israeli Palestinian conflict does not need to be resolved first as a condition for normalization”

JNS In Warsaw, even the group seating shows how much has changed in Israel-Arab relations by Israel Kasnett February 15, 2019 A scene that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago took place this past week in Warsaw … Continue reading

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The Warsaw Arab NATO: “Jared Kushner expected to reveal elements of Washington’s two-years-in-the-making Israeli-Palestinian peace plan”

JERUSALEM POST Netanyahu: Israel and Arab states advancing common interest of combating Iran by Tovah Lazaroff February 13, 2019 Arab countries and Israel are talking about war with Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in Warsaw, as he filmed a … Continue reading

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Armed Jews unquestionably damaged Nazi war machine

WASHINGTON POST The Warsaw ghetto uprising: Armed Jews vs. Nazis by David Kopel October 10, 2015 During World War II, 30,000 Jewish partisans fought in Eastern Europe, in their own combat units. In Western Europe, where anti-semitism among the conquered gentile … Continue reading

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Holocaust remembrance week: How armed Jews saved lives

WASHINGTON POST By David Kopel May 2, 2014 ….One thing that increased the number of Jewish survivors during the Final Solution was armed Jewish resistance, as I detailed in my article Armed Resistance to the Holocaust.  (19 Journal on Firearms & Public Policy 144 … Continue reading

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