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“Nothing is more surreal than to hear a multimillionaire African-American athlete or a Malibu-based movie star rail against #WhitePrivilege”

NATIONAL REVIEW White versus White America by Victor Davis Hanson April 12, 2016 …“White privilege” is now a catchword for advantages supposedly enjoyed by roughly 70 percent of the population. Forget for a moment the inexactness of the term “white” … Continue reading

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#ConcernedStudents2015 from Brandeis issue ultimatum: If we don’t get it, shut it down, or we’ll kill this dog

LEGAL INSURRECTION Brandeis U becomes latest to receive set of “Demands” by William A. Jacobson November 20, 2015 Brandeis University becomes the latest school to receive a set of demands from a student protest group… or else. The group, calling itself … Continue reading

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