POTUS from the Oval Office

Shorter Obama: Dear Islamophobes, I’m Still Not Serious About Defeating ISIS
by David French
December 6, 2015

What a remarkable speech. In an era where a jihadist army controls more territory, commands more fighters, and has demonstrated broader striking power than any jihadist force in modern history, the President of the United States spends just about as much time lecturing Americans about Islamophobia as he does laying out his utterly inadequate strategy for defeating ISIS. The very idea that our nation needs yet another lecture about discrimination is deeply disrespectful to the American people. After fourteen years of war against Islamic jihadists – at a cost of more than 60,000 American killed or wounded and countless thousands more suffering the lingering effects of difficult deployments — America is so tolerant of Islam that Jews — Jews! — face far more hate crimes than Muslims [FBI 2014: 56.8% of victims Jewish; 16.1% of victims Muslim]. When was the last time Jewish-Americans launched a deadly terror attack? READ MORE

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