Islamists trace their roots to the Nazis

Islam’s Willing Executioners
by Ron Jager
March 28, 2016

…Islamic Anti-Semitism has long been recognized as the Arab world’s prominent vehicle for the hatred of the Jews. From Islamic academics teaching that Judaism permits murder and rape of non-Jews, to religious leaders teaching that Islam demands the extermination of Jews, Islamic redemptive anti-Semitism is a compelling force driving hatred and terror.  Jews are depicted as the archetypal force of evil throughout history. Jews are said to be responsible for all the world’s problems: wars, financial crises, even the spreading of AIDS. In short, Jews are a danger to humanity. While this paradigm has been used by Nazis before, the Islamists take it a step further, turning the demonization of Jews into the basis for Palestinian denial of Israel’s right to exist and a central component of Islamic thinking and Islamic religious identity. READ MORE

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