Maher: Having “been a real a**** to Israel,” liberal comedian opines now “maybe Europe will have a little sympathy for what Israel goes through” [VIDEO]

Bill Maher: After attacks maybe Europe will lay off Israel
by David Rosenberg
March 27, 2016

Liberal comedian and commentator Bill Maher, who has become famous for his profanity-laced riffs on conservatives and organized religion, took aim at European treatment of the Jewish state on Friday. During a panel discussion on his late-night HBO show Real Time, Maher blasted the UN and scolded Europe for its behavior towards Israel. “Europe has been real a******s about Israel,” Maher said. “I mean, in general. The U.N. – as of 2015, the United Nations Human Rights Council had issued more official condemnations of Israel than the rest of the world’s nations combined. I wonder now that Europe has been attacked four times now in a little over a year, and they say ISIS has 400 fighters that they are ready to introduce back into Europe, and they’re trying to get a dirty bomb – maybe Europe will have a little more sympathy for what Israel goes through.” [Probably not –too many Europeans are anti-Semitic, morally superior and think Israel deserves to be terrorized]. READ MORE

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