“Bernie Sanders has thus far evaded scrutiny over the values he and his campaign share with the Labour Party’s discredited leader”

Bernie Sanders Has a Big Jeremy Corbyn Problem
by Noah Rothman
December 13, 2019

Nobody forced Bernie Sanders’s campaign to endorse Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. By the time the Sanders camp’s national organizing director, Clair Sandberg, announced that the Vermont senator’s team stood in solidarity with the far-left British candidate, it was already apparent that Corbyn’s party was likely to lose and lose badly. And that’s precisely what happened. On Thursday, British voters delivered Labour its worst defeat in 85 years…Corbyn rendered his party toxic. His penchant for standing in solidarity with terrorists and anti-Semites opened a seal out of which a cascade of anti-Jewish sentiments poured, engulfing his party in scandal. READ MORE

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