Quincy Institute article slams “Zionist influences” at New York Times including Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss

Republican Senator Writes New York Times Op-Ed. Zionist Jews Get Blamed.
by Ira Stoll
June 7, 2020

Anti-Israel groups are pouncing on a controversy over an opinion piece by a Republican senator in the New York Times, scapegoating two openly Zionist editors there. The article by Senator Tom Cotton, headlined “Send in the Troops,” called for the deployment of the US military to quell what the article called an “orgy of violence,” and “rioters and looters” in American cities following the death in police custody of George Floyd…Anti-Israel groups are seizing on the flap to target the few openly Zionist editors at the Times, including [Adam] Rubenstein and Bari Weiss. READ MORE

REASON James Bennet’s Resignation Proves the Woke Scolds Are Taking Over The New York Times Bennet’s resignation was an instructive show of force from those Times staffers who want the paper to be more transparently progressive. Their successful strategy—describe their opposition to someone else’s speech as a matter of personal safety—is straight out of the woke left’s playbook. Dismayingly, we should expect to see this tactic deployed more frequently in the future.

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