“CAIR isn’t the only unindicted co-conspirator Illinois politicians will join at the banquet”

Illinois Democrats Line Up to Help CAIR Fundraise
by Steven Emerson
January 4, 2021

In yet another example of political expediency overcoming better judgment, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and other top Democrats are all slated to speak Jan. 17 to help the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) Chicago chapter raise money during its annual banquet. CAIR, as we have reported many times, has roots in an American-based Hamas-support network, a conclusion reached by the FBI and upheld by a federal judge. CAIR was “a participant in an ongoing and ultimately unlawful conspiracy to support a designated terrorist organization,” federal prosecutors wrote in 2007, “a conspiracy from which CAIR never withdrew.” READ MORE

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