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Geraldo Rivera “smears Israel by suggesting that Israel’s defensive actions make Israel like the terrorists”

BREITBART I Read Geraldo‘s Anti-Israel Book So You Don‘t Have To by Morton A. Klein July 30, 2018 …Worse yet, Geraldo reiterates the Al Dura “Pallywood” hoax as if It were real. He treats the fake, staged video, taken by a Palestinian-Arab … Continue reading

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PICK-OF-THE-DAY…Want Proportionality? Give Israel 22 Countries. Spare us the pieties and righteous indignation of Europe.

ARUTZ SHEVA July 17, 2014 by Jack Engelhard Europe is in an uproar. Frankfurt, Germany is rioting, along with France, the UK and in other places where it’s Springtime for Hitler all over again. But even over here in America … Continue reading

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