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“Instead of backing the only country that gives full rights to all its citizens, they are instrumental in attacking not only Israel but the Jewish people”

GATESTONE The Israel-Bashing Industry’s “Intellectuals” by Giulio+Meotti March 16, 2016 What is the only country about which can be said that its very existence is disputed? Clue: Not Zimbabwe, not Tuvalu, not even overrun Tibet. Which country’s boundaries, bought with … Continue reading

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali talks about reforming Islam

ARUTZ SHEVA ‘Europe, learn from Israel!’: Exclusive interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali by Giulio Meotti February 2, 2016 When Theo van Gogh was murdered by an Islamist on a street in Amsterdam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali could not even attend the … Continue reading

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To protest anti-Semitism on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Il Foglio’s Wednesday edition will include a small white kippah

ARUTZ SHEVA Italian paper distributes kippot in protest over anti-Semitism by Gil Ronen January 27, 2016 An Italian newspaper will be making a touching and brave gesture against anti-Semitism on Wednesday, International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Il Foglio, under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief … Continue reading

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