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“The conspiratorial notion that Israel deliberately sent unusable vaccines to the Palestinians would later be exposed by events, after both Israelis and South Koreans happily made use of the doses”

TABLET MAG The Palestinian Vaccine Fiasco by Yair Rosenberg July 7, 2021 …The exchange is a win-win for Israel and South Korea—and a lose-lose for the Palestinian people, who were originally supposed to receive these very vaccines in the exact … Continue reading

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“Jews are 0.2% of the world population, but 23% of Nobel Prize winners. We Koreans want to learn the Jews’ secrets”

ARUTZ SHEVA Talmud-inspired learning craze sweeps South Korea by Tim Alper January 15, 2019 …“Koreans don’t have to emulate Jewish belief systems,” educational researcher Seol Dong-ju said, “but we do need to copy the way Jews teach their children.” The … Continue reading

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“Israel’s suddenly the undefeated darling of the baseball world” [VIDEO]

USA TODAY World Baseball Classic newcomer Israel advances to second round by AP March 9, 2017 With a little help from “The Mensch on the Bench” mascot, Israel is into the second round of the World Baseball Classic. Just 41st … Continue reading

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How the Talmud Became a Best-Seller in South Korea

THE NEW YORKER by Ross Arbes June 23, 2015 About an hour’s drive north of Seoul, in the Gwangju Mountains, nearly fifty South Korean children pore over a book. The text is an unlikely choice: the Talmud, the fifteen-hundred-year-old book … Continue reading

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Life under the US umbrella

JERUSALEM POST by Caroline Glick March 6, 2015 South Korea lives under a US security umbrella. Both on a conventional and nuclear level, South Koreans are dependent on the US to deter North Korea from attacking them and overrunning their … Continue reading

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